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    +86 18945133888
    Intellectual Property
    Analysis Center

    The customer's satisfaction and expectation is langruite's consistent pursuit of quality. Advanced technology, scientific management and high-quality service are the guarantee for the continuous improvement of quality of langruite products. Product safety and environmental protection are our social responsibility.

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    Instrument Instrument
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      Testing equipment
    Items We Can Inspect
    • Standard Guide for raw material sampling
    • Production process sampling standard instruction
    • Malvern particle size inspection instruction for spherical graphite
    • Inspection instruction for image observation
    • Vibration density inspection instruction
    • Packing density inspection instruction
    • Inspection instruction for loose density
    • Specific surface area inspection instruction
    Quality Assurance

    With professional production technical support, strict test and test standards, ISO9001 management system certification, excellent customer tracking and after-sales service, and efficient management team, the company designs and formulates reasonable product use rules and solutions for customers with high quality, high efficiency, high cost performance and high service. Honesty is the foundation of business, reputation is intangible wealth, quality is the life and reputation of products It is the soul of an enterprise, product qualification is not a standard, and user satisfaction is the purpose.